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Network Management Software

When deploying a set of EtherWAN devices, What is the best way to set up and manage each device?

Choosing and using the best software for managing your EtherWAN devices is the first priority when it comes to industrial networking. eVue and eLite are specially designed software for users of EtherWAN products. The software delivers easy-to-use operation, which allows network administrators to easily configure, manage, and maintain EtherWAN managed switches with a few mouse clicks.

Working with eVue and eLite, network management and device maintenance is easier than ever.

What we offer:
  • » eVue - Network Management Software
  • » eLite - Network Discovery and IP Configuration Tool
Simplify network management

eVue puts users in control, making initial setup for devices simpler and quicker. eVue discovers EtherWAN devices on a network and provides the ability to simultaneously configure IP addresses on hundreds of devices. Managing EtherWAN devices has never been easier.

Visual network monitoring

eVue visualizes the network's physical links and accurately displays the redundant network paths between devices. It provides an overview of the entire network and shows the status of each device.

Efficient event management

7 predetermined event severity levels make it easy to identify device status. eVue's automated tracking and recording of event history helps you keep an eye on your network all the time.

Flexible alerting on critical issues

Easily set up notification alarms by user-defined severity levels. eVue offers flexible ways to notify different users when an abnormal status occurs.